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Thank you for writing to to bring this to our attention.
Your message has been forwarded to our security department, and we will investigate the situation. Please note that you may not receive a personal response.
In all likelihood, the message you received was not sent to you by
We strongly advise that you *not* send any information about yourself back to this individual (especially your credit card number or any personal information).
If you have already submitted any personal information to this person via e-mail or on a potentially fraudulent web site, you may wish to contact Customer Service for ssistance. To send an e-mail to Customer Service, please visit
In the future, if you are ever uncertain of the validity of an e-mail, even from us, don’t click on any supplied links–instead, type our web site address “” directly into your browser and follow the regular links to Your Account. Many unscrupulous spoofers mislead consumers by displaying one URL while taking the visitor to another.
By typing in a well-known address you can avoid this trick. Also, please be assured that is not in the business of selling customer information.
Many spammers and spoofers use programs that randomly generate e-mail addresses, in the hope that some percentage of these randomly-generated addresses will actually exist.
If you are trying to contact us about something other than a spoofed e-mail message, please contact Customer Service for assistance.
To send an e-mail to Customer Service, please visit
If you encounter any other uses of the name that you think may be fraudulent, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Thanks you again for taking the time to notify us of this situation.

Thanks to SR for sending us the ‘Spam’ Amazon email – See below..
Date: 25/11/2017 6:38 To: Subj: Account Identity and Usage Confirmation

Dear Amazon customer,
Every six months Amazon makes integrity checks related to his Online customers and their accounts. How they use the account or if the account is still used by the customer.
If the customer account is not used for a longer period of time (more then 1 month) it will be disabled of by Amazon Team and then removed in the next two months.

To validate that you use this Amazon account please use the following button.

It says in this box Validate Your Account Now
I have disabled the link in case anyone accidentally clicks on it -No do not click on it…

Additional Information’s:
The procedure for disabling the account according to the Terms and Conditions of Usage, will take place in 24 hours after this email was send.    The verification procedure invoked requires a very short time for the customer.    The generated button above is active for 24 hours only. If during this period the customer does not make the validation of his online account the account will be disabled.
What does a disabled account means:    The user will not be able to purchase products from Amazon or from partner stores that post product on Amazon.    All deliveries will be cancelled for the user.    The user will not be able to sel or advertise his products on Amazon site.    Once the account is disabled the user will not be able to create or use another account in his name. Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience that this may create. Amazon Customer Service Team.

Please note: This email was sent from a notification-only address that can’t accept incoming email. © 2017, Inc or its affiliates.
All rights reserved. Registered office: Leadenhall Court, 1 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 1PP, United Kingdom.

The above is a ‘Spoof’ e-mail Do Not repeat Do not click on any attachments if you received an e-mail similar to the above.

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