Nice Ride out to Sunny Hunstanton – With Supermarkets!!!

I was somewhat taken back yesterday whilst entering Hunstanton, to find that yet another Supermarket is arriving on the outskirts of the ‘Small Town’ – Lidl is building a medium size Supermarket.
I also noted that there is now a Morrisons as well.
Hunstanton has a permanent population of around 6,000 / Half the size of Whittlesey, I dare say the population increases somewhat during 7 months of the year.

So Hunstanton will have a Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Lidl all managing to compete with one another – Kings Lynn with a population of near 150,000 is 16 miles away.
So is it the Peterborough effect!!! – we being 7/8 miles from our nearest hub with all major players present or is it that ‘Supermarkets’ can not see Whittlesey as a potential place to do business.
Not so long ago, several hotel chains, Travelodge/Holiday Inn Express/Premier Inn were all approached to find if Whittlesey was on their possible build plan – at present none are interested.

I like Whittlesey the way it is…maybe not everyone agrees – I am not a big fan of the Co-Op – whose prices are high and quality sometimes questionable (many agree) – and they now taking over NISA – may mean that ‘some’ changes’ may happen in the future.
We have some very good shops, run by local people – we have a business forum with 55 members (not all businesses) and on the whole a safe environment to do shopping and best of all – FREE Parking.

All we need now Cllr Dorling – Is for some FREE electricity to charge up our Electric/Hybrid cars….wouldn’t that be nice.

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