Policing & other on-going issues

Besides the serious fatal accident along Ramsey Road at 4am this morning, causing Ramsey Road to be closed for most of the day – this is now a criminal investigation requiring police resources. Our issues are minor in comparison to the death of someone in a Road Traffic accident.

As I went to Peterborough along the North Bank – the traffic at 1pm was pretty light – there was some sort of High Level Pow Wow happening on the Dog-In-A-Doublet Bridge by a lot of suited persons.


However on returning I came along the A605 – big mistake, the tailgating started at Park Farm, all the way back into Whittlesey, including of course the Kings Dyke level crossing being closed, then Road Works and traffic lights, then a nice Farmer Giles with Hay Bailer (No Number Plate) holding things up even more so – I wasn’t in a hurry anyway.

Consternation throughout the afternoon, with lots of reports that Neighbourhood Watch does NOT exist here in Whittlesey – this started off by Mr BG going to March Police Station yesterday to enquire about joining here in Whittlesey, only to be told by the Desk Person (PCSO) that there were NO schemes running here in Whittlesey.
Fortunately through my Social Media friends BG and I have now made good contact.
Somewhat disheartening that having been going in the present form for 10 years that – March not wholly surprising doesn’t think we are on the map.
Of course its not only Policing but a whole raft of other issues that FDC/CCC think we do not exist – tell me and a shed full of other residents something new….
Maybe it is time for our Sector Inspector to get a bit of fresh air and visit places beyond March & Wisbech (+Hinchingbrooke @ Police HQ).

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