Watch Out – There’s A Thief About

Between 27/07/2017 22:00 – 28/07/2017 07:00 unknown offender/s have forced the farm workshop door off it’s hinges and stolen workshop tools in the area of Glassmoor Bank, Whittlesey.

Whittlesey & our Villages are not what they used too be – able to leave doors, windows and cars unlocked.
Besides welcoming a large number of ‘new’ residents who maybe law-abiding, there is now a small element of people who are opportunists – if they see an easy target they will take advantage of it.
Years ago, we the community and our Local Police probably knew the local Riff Raff – and within a short time had someone arrested and in custody – and up in front of the Local Magistrates – held at Whittlesey Town Hall (Market Street).
Besides on-going minor crime – thieves are very ‘mobile’ and will travel well over a hundred miles in search of easy targets.

One of our problems here in Whittlesey, is that there is quite a lot of ‘minor’ crimes being unreported – there are several reasons for this. Some of these crimes are sent to me! – I can not reported crimes that other people have suffered.
It doesn’t matter how ‘small’ the crime/damage maybe – unless it is reported through the Police, there is NO trace, No Crime Number, NO follow-up and NO crime statistic.
Policing today even in Fenland is driven by ‘Reported Crime’ – the Police will then try and put resources where these crimes occur.

See something suspicious – phone 101
Report a crime after the event – phone 101
Report a crime in action – phone 999
Feel threatened or intimidated – phone 999

Want to feel safer, join in with our local Neighbourhood Watch Group
See full resources on Whittlesey Neighbourhood Website – Click Here

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