Police HQ – A very long meeting….

Another very long meeting at Police HQ Hinchingbrooke with many ‘Stakeholders’ – 3+ hours and as usual not a lot of decision making – the list of outstanding topics gets longer.
There are a couple of items that do need to be placed in the public domain.
(1) There is to be….yet another strategic review of Cambs Policing, as happens Policing is for-ever changing with the demand and circumstances that are placed upon the Force.
Whilst the review has not started yet – brings a great amount of uncertainty within the Force.
Demands on finances and resources are forever a big topic for all stakeholders involved.
(2) The Police & Crime Commissioner is seeking views on a Police with Fire Service consultation which I will cover in my next post.

The section below is copied from the Cambs Police Federation Magazine ‘June’ edition –
makes frightening reading if it is to be believed.

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