PCC – Seeks YOUR View – Police & Crime Commissioner

The mandate that the PCC was elected (about 20% of the electorate) was for a Police & Crime Commissioner to deliver a ‘Fit for purpose’ Police Force.
Now after just a year Jason Ablewhite the PCC is looking at ‘joined up’ services with the Fire Service.
Now in the big scheme of things this might be a good idea – especially reading and believing the information from the link below. This is not his ‘idea’ it is a government initiative?

Until the PCC can run a better Police Service here in Cambridgeshire I am totally against the idea – maybe ‘if’ policing (especially in the Fens/Whittlesey) becomes better I may gell to the idea.
Jason Ablewhite you were elected in a very low electorate to run your office and hold the Chief Constable to account for Policing in Cambs – I suggest you do this first before even thinking of taking on the Fire Service (And their Union!)

Please go to the ‘link’ it will only take 30 seconds of your time….

Police and Crime Commissioner, Jason Ablewhite is asking for your views concerning changes to the way the fire and rescue service in Cambridgeshire is managed.
This follows new government legislation to promote greater joint working between emergency service organisations.
There’s a very simple, one-question survey which takes 30 secs to complete which you will find here:

You can also find further information about the options available.

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