Another Excellent Talk by Maureen Watson

Local historian Maureen Watson gave a historical talk to the Whittlesea Society on Monday evening. Yesterday (Tuesday) she gave her 2nd talk about the local area – Coates, where she was brought up. Maureen and husband John lived in one of the oldest houses in North Green until recently when they moved to Eastrea (All 1+ mile).
There is still some disagreement as to ‘What’ the Public House on South Green was called!
I knew it as the ‘Rat Hole’ / The Stag & Hounds, however Maureen reckons it was ‘The Canterbury Arms / ‘Rat Hole’ – I’ll ask Mrs Viv Ellington who still lives next door to where the Pub used to be – she has lived there for over 60 years.

Next session – Tuesday 18th July @ 2pm – Eastrea Village Centre – Talk about Eastrea

Roy G aged 6 with ‘New Bike’      Roy G aged 4 with his ‘pet goose’ on South Green Coates
South Green – Looking ‘North’

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