Report from WTC Meeting Wednesday 12th July 2017

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The agenda published yesterday, 4 members of the public + CC David Connor in attendance. Cllrs Garrett, Bristow & Whitwell none attendance.

Policing: Our local PCSO’s gave a 25 minute update on issues and crime in/around Whittlesey, the main ongoing issue being that of Anti-Social behaviour around the Pinewood and Mortons Leam area’s, there are exclusion ‘contracts’ inplace with some ‘youths’ having to be home by 9pm. The PCSO’s appeared confident that the measures in place were working and if not there are further plans that can be implemented
Theft and break-ins are another issue, the main one being (5) five occasions that the New Road Recycling Centre has been broken into in the last 2 weeks. There is a new manager and the Police are advising as best as possible.
The traffic concerns on High Causeway was again high-lighted.

Public Forum: SR spoke about the excessive ‘sound’ coming from Music on the Square, travelling some ½ – ¾ of a mile on the last event and hopes this Sundays event will be toned down a bit.
I spoke on the Anaerobic Digester – Refusal at PCC on the 4th July. I thanked Cllr David Connor for his communications with me on this matter.
I also spoke about the for-ever ongoing ‘Closed Toilet’ issue as I had done last month and reminded the Councillor that this has been 4 months now – See end comment.
I spoke about the state of Ramsey Road – the now dangerous subsidence in the road in 3 or 4 different places and that the signage advising drivers was poor. – See end comment.

Other business:
The Community Road Watch Scheme – which only 4 months ago Councillors were extremely excited about, now seems to have gone off the boil, maybe had they done some research into the company and its directors – they may have found some very interesting facts and history behind the Community Road Watch Scheme.

Kings Dyke Crossing – Nothing new – as was reported on this website several days ago, there is a ‘2 week’ delay, the contract for the preferred bidder is expected to be signed in August.

Must Farm – Still on – going liaison with various stake-holders.

Neighbourhood Plan – Still on-going – there will be meeting in October to invited business, individuals and community groups. More closer the event.

Community Rail Partnership – Cllr Mrs Mayor read out a detailed report from Cllr Bristow, who appears to have been very active in his recently newish role in the Partnership – which is good he has done so. This will be a very long drawn out process and maybe little in return for Whittlesey – but then who knows, a better station, more trains …..
There is a public meeting in September and again I will post closer to the event.

Property Working Group – This is concerning the purchase and upgrading the Police Station to a community asset ‘Town Council’ building.
Cllr Bodden spoke in respect that he hoped that there would be as much transparency as possible to the public – as the project moves forward.
What was said – that the budget for the project (purchase and modifications) is in the region of £440,000

Read to Success Campaign – A successful campaign lead by MP Steven Barclay and supported by WTC and other Councils in Fenland

Ward Matters – Very little reported, which is usual and I find quite surprising having been contacted by many people with various issues and concerns – they having No success with their own Councillors – so why are these Ward Issues not reported at this meeting I wonder.

Notes – At the end of the meeting Cllr Ralph Butcher informed me and showed me an e-mail dated 12th July in reference to the ‘Closed Toilet’ – It states it will be fixed in the near future. That said – he showed me a similar e-mail last month- we shall see.

I understand that there is to be work on the subsidence issues on Ramsey Road, but there appears to be some disagreement as to who is responsible for the sink hole before the Ramsey Road level crossing – again we eagerly wait and see.

Next meeting 13th September 2017


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