Through My Letterbox

As previously stated anything that comes via my letterbox in respect the elections will be all treated with the same scrutiny – the latest ‘expensive’ political poster comes from the Liberal Democrats – Now ‘they’ are all producing some very costly material to convince the electorate to vote for them – (I in the past can only afford simple publicity as I fund it myself as I do this website) – still that’s big politics playing with the big boys (Out of my league). Anyway I do have a lot of respect for One LibDem Councillor that being Gavin Booth – Gavin has worked against a lot of odds for many years and known in his ward of Parsons Drove as a very hard working councillor – however he is not standing in Whittlesey – the areas I/we are interested in.
What I am very disappointed yet again and I know I harp on about this but think it is very important to the elector – None of our LibDem would be councillor/Mayor has attended any Local Council meetings, be it Full Council, Planning or Finance Committees – If they were that ‘passionate’ about Whittlesey – why wait until an election to ‘start’ engaging, at least ‘most’ of the present Councillors are approachable and available and are ALL Local residents.
The other extremely annoying FACT is that on all of this ‘expensive’ publicity’ promises – at no point can I find out How to contact this prospective councillor – No Phone Number,
No Address, No e-mail and no Website – Sorry guys I’ll NOT be voting for either of you.
Promises I have heard for the past 40+ years that I have been listening – and I am still waiting for ‘most’ of those promises.


It takes a lot of guts and commitment to stand for public office, these candidates have the advantage of the ‘BiG Party publicity machine behind them, they are very successful at fund raising and producing this very good, slick publicity material.

So Gentlemen – my details are at the top of the page, I am always open to dialogue, engagement or just a friendly chat over a coffee – the invitation stands to everyone not just the LibDems – try and convince me !!!

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