Small but significant success…..

Like most of us I get very frustrated by the amount of time it takes for issues to be solved and addressed….but keep plugging away and there are some successes ….My reporting of the poor state of the ‘Tiled area’ around our ancient monument – The Buttercross saw it cleaned up within 36 hours.
The (3) vandalised toilets – although still not repaired is on the Big Radar and never fear I will be chasing it.
Our Vagrant Mr Latvia – although not an overly Big problem – has returned to Peterborough – but he maybe back….
Finally the Illegal vehicle causing issues on Station Road has also been addressed….
Not a bad week for ‘A member of the public’ – Maybe ask your prospective County Councillors what success they have had this week for Whittlesey….or are these minor trivia issues beyond them to look at…

Before…..                       36 hours later a significant cleaner area for all to enjoy


These ‘issues’ may seem very minor -but they have all had an impact on our Town as a whole.
Finally Mr Albie Burrell is doing his best to break his Community Exclusion Order with a number of residents giving statements to our Police of him breaking his terms and conditions….carry on Sonny and you will see something better than an Exclusion Order


I wonder what next weeks ‘challenges’ may be!

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