Being a Candidate for an Election!

As I said yesterday – it takes a certain amount of ‘guts’ to put yourself in the public arena come election time, (and to make comments on blogs/websites) whether it be experienced politicians or novice hopefuls.
In Whittlesey South where I live and could vote if I so wished…!!!
With just over a week to go – lets have another look at Whittlesey South for the time being.

Our choice is somewhat limited unless you vote purely on Party Politics, Red, Blue, Green what-ever.
So far I have received extensive material from David Connor (Con), who has contacted me and we had a good conversation.
I have received extensive material from Graham Kitchen (LibDem) – so today I thought since he has made no contact with me (Why should he?) – I would try to contact him.
No luck – tried BT, Virgin, LinkedIn, Google and many more avenues….got an address but no phone or e-mail address….(Maybe someone can give it to me).
How serious can a candidate be if the electorate can not contact them.

Then we have Martin Lodziak (Lab) I did hear along the grapevine, that Labour were having both financial and distribution shortfalls, it is no cheap deal getting these lovely glossing pamphlets printed and having some very good friends help deliver them.
Doing some research on Martin (Again no direct contact details) I see he has being doing some worthwhile volunteering work in Ghana. Martins campaign HQ is from where he lives in Chatteris..

Lastly my other choice I could choose if I so wished would be Ms Karen Alexander who stands for the Green Party. I try to be ‘Green’ although the past governments persuaded me to buy a diesel car! which they now tell me is ultra-NitroNXo2 and should taxed to heaven and scrapped asap – anyhow Ms Alexander used to live in Coates but now lives in Whittlesey – well at least that’s one good point. Search again and I find NIL – Ziltch – Naga – Nothing… So there you have it.

Of course I can not really be serious – am I – people say well if I think it is a poor choice why didn’t I make a stand – and possibly add to the what some may consider another poor choice – NO – some of us that have been very active within our community and passionate about our (Whittlesey & Villages) area for well over 40 years – we few are the ones that can give the electorate a proper choice (Not based on National party Politics).
Many long serving Whittlesey Councillors share these passions and are very hard working,
my stance has been to give the electorate a ‘True Independent Choice’ – whether they want that or not is down to them – I have always accepted the democratic choice and that’s the platform I stand on.
Some of the above candidates are what is known as ‘Paper Candidates’ they are not serious
(prove me wrong).
Since I have made it known that I am NOT voting for any of the candidates (That would take away my ‘Independence’ – If I was to vote – there is only one serious candidate on the list….and I am sure you know who it is….and he is probably favourite to win – and yes if I was going to vote – I would vote for Him !!!!!

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