An Open invitation to candidates for County Council Elections

My thanks to who-ever informed Cllr David Connor that he had made my website?
David did call me and we had a good hours dialogue and meaningful conversation.
What I questioned in my article and I stand by and will not remove, as what I wrote is true and correct. I am not questioning Cllr Connors amount of work that he may have done, I said that he had made statements without any substantiation and I therefor invited him to send me any material to back up his election leaflet and I will be more than happy to publish it.
As I stated in my article – anyone who puts material through my door will be treated the same – fairly and without prejudice.

I have created a separate page heading on the top bar menu.
It is his/their call – I await his/their material.

My article was on 25th March and can be viewed either by scrolling down or
Click Here

My website goes far and wide, I get a number of ‘foreign’ visitors weekly, and it is nice to have reached parts of Fenland I would not normally have visitors from – my thanks again for informing Cllr David Connor.

Have a good weekend

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