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I have not one but two election leaflets for Cllr David Connor come through my door – maybe ‘someone’ is trying hard to convince me of ‘something’. The County local elections are coming and I’ll be fair with ALL candidates, incumbent County Councillor David Connor is standing once more and now includes areas of Whittlesey Lattersey and St Marys South Wards. In his election material he states:
Keeping villages as villages – But fails to say what he is doing about it
Traffic speeding through our towns and villages – But fails to say what he is doing about it.
Ensuring the Kings Dyke Crossing is delivered on time and within budget – he attended a WTC meeting last year and ‘promised’ to give regular updates – sorry I haven’t seen any so far.
Before voting may I boldly suggest 2 minutes by ‘Googling’® Councillor David Connor – you may be better informed prior to casting your vote!

Some big improvements coming … the Hero of Aliwal on Church Street is making big progress and major renovations – by Broad Street Veterinary Partners which by the looks of things will be a vast improvement.

The ‘Old Hero’                  The ‘Hero’ circa 1985     The ‘Hero’ today

More good news – With ‘The Railway Inn’ completing a £200+k major renovation and
The Straw Bear pub also back in business.

Have a good weekend…

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