Cyber Security Seminar @ Police HQ

Yesterday I attended a 4 hour seminar about Cyber Security at Hinchingbrooke Police HQ, there was a morning and afternoon session. Our group consisted of around 40 individuals including several high ranking Police Officers, Cyber specialists and some members of the public like myself and Morcom Lunt from Cambs NHW Executive committee.
Very informative and wide ranging, but the presenter kept hammering home the need for people to use ‘Strong Passwords’ and NOT to use the same passwords throughout the whole of their internet browsing.
NHW Secretary Robin Sutton attended the morning session, we hope to put together a simple presentation that can be put to other community groups within our area in the near future.
Passwords should always be between 10 and 15 characters long….upper & lower case and at least (1)@”£$% ‘Special character’

The government – Police and private cyber companies all suggest the website: for a vast amount of information (Beginners to expert levels)

Every day – someone in the Whittlesey area is a victim of scammers/skimmers or what-ever you want to call them.
Please visit the site above and you will be surprised by carrying out just simple tasks you will reduce your risks.

Note: The Technical Director Rob Hadfield quoted ‘Mobile Banking is more secure than Internet Banking’ – yes there is a difference….

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