AGM Friends of Libraries in Cambridgeshire

St Neots 01AMy thanks to Haley Wynn (r) from the Library Services and Jackie Bullen (l)  Secretary of Friends of Whittlesey Library (FOWL)
Yesterday 22nd we attended the AGM of the Cambs Libraries, 28 attendees of which 20 or so were from Friends Groups.
Remember FOWL was formed some 7 years ago, when ALL Library services were threatened by Cambs County Council with severe cutbacks and closures (Where have we heard this before I wonder).

I have been with the group since near its beginnings, and was asked to make the annual presentation on behalf of the Whittlesey Group.
St Neots 05Besides being a very challenging time for our library which was closed/part closed for 4 months, this put a great deal of pressure both on staff and friends, but all appears to come out fairly well – thanks to a lot of hard work by everyone and support from the County Group.
There are 32 Libraries in Cambridgeshire.
10 libraries are run entirely by ‘Volunteers’
The cutback by Cambs CC on Library Services from £6m 3 years ago to £3m today.
There are some exciting plans in the pipeline for services – that will be trialled first, one being able to access the Library out of hours using your library card- this will not come to all libraries.
As stated in my previous post, Whittlesey Friends will be hosting many more events in the coming months, hopefully for everyone young and old to enjoy.
‘We’ few – as always are looking for people, especially younger generation to join the group.
Why not come along this Saturday for a coffee and cake – try out a ‘free’ taster session of a Ukulele lesson…. try before you buy and then its only £3 a session.

St Neots 04Jill Terrell Acting Head of Community & Cultural Services And Library Service Manager delivering the Key Note Speech yesterday at St Neots.

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