At Last – Whoopee

160621-SamSo at long long last ‘they’ the FDC contractors have ‘started’ along Eastrea Road towards Whittlesey – It is well over 3 weeks since we last saw them on my estate. I have had 3 councillors on the case a ‘promise’ that ‘someone’ would come and look at the situation…whether they did I don’t know – but Nothing came of it and we are still left looking like Bosnia/Beirut on a bad day – and I apologise to those who live there for making a comparison. The only thing missing is ‘burnt out vehicles’
At least someone at Fenland has a bit of common sense – one of our excellent Street Cleaners was clearing up the left over rubbish after the grass cutters had done their bit
along Eastrea Road that is good working…well done ‘Sam’….

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