Delay & Confusion over Charging for NHW Signs

NHW LOgo 2Further to my post on 02nd June ref the impending charges being brought in by Balfour Beatty (BB) (Owners of Lamp Posts in Cambs)
There has been a massif campaign by the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Executive Committee onto Cambs CC.
I carried out my own lobbying both at WTC/FDC and our (2) County Councillors.
As of this morning (15th) there has been ‘some’ progress in that BB have stated ‘they’ will not at present be charging NHW between £25 – £50 per Lamp Post/Sign.
Ralph-200x300However the situation is still a bit ‘murky’ to say the least.
County Councillor Ralph Butcher informs me that the ‘issue’ was discussed at Highways & Community Infrastructure yesterday.
All Councillors were not happy in what had taken place without any input from members and all backed Neighbourhood Watch.
I am not holding my breath on this – at it ‘appears’ everyone and his/her dog are looking at squeezing out the last penny from anyone they can.
Photo ©Robert Windle

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