Is Charging for Brown Bins Coming!!!!

Like many ‘things’ at FDC – lets follow Peterborough – in this case will FDC be introducing a ‘Charge/Levy’ for emptying our ‘Brown Bins’.
We’ve had the serious issue/debate/lobbying of the possible closure of the Recycling Centre(s), – all quiet at present, next was the possible introduction of ‘Parking Charges’ – again all quiet at present.
240L-BrownNow we have another ‘Stealth Tax’ possibly coming our way – ‘Stealth’ being £40 next year and the only way after that would be upwards…..
When you/me/we elected our FDC Councillors – was this on their manifesto and electoral blurb – no is was not – all we hear is what fantastic saving have been made – well good – how come all this money has been saved – was it wasted before!.
I am very much into shared services – in fact a lot of people I speak with would like to see the back end of FDC and have our good old Urban District Council back – alas that will not happen and devolution to Town & Parish Councils is happening slowly but without the resources to go with it.
A correspondent has just told me that he has a property which is and has been unoccupied for several years – he pays FULL Council Tax on it and when he enquired as to if he may get a ‘refund/rebate’ as he has NO BINS to empty – the answer from FDC was NO.
FDC think they will generate income from this venture- quite possibly but what about the 50% they calculate will not take up the offer – where will these people get rid of their ‘Green’ waste – your guess is as good as mine…..
If you do not wish to have this ‘Stealth Tax’ imposed on you – then please I urge you to contact/lobby your FDC Councillor – and don’t get fobbed off….

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