Is Big Brother about to get Bigger!!!!!

NHW Logo 4AThere is not a day goes by – without ‘someone’ causing an issue.
Today (I’ll keep it short for now) I/we have been informed that Cambs CC and Balfour Beatty are to impose charges of between £25:00 & £50:00 for Neighbourhood Watch to display their signage on ‘their’ lamp posts.
I can fully understand there being concerns about hanging things off lamp posts, weight, wind factors and all the other scientific reasoning.
‘They’ have stated that the plastic NHW signs do not present any problem of this kind.
There is no way a small dedicated voluntary group (The largest volunteer group in the UK), here in Whittlesey/Villages and throughout Cambridgeshire could sustain this proposal – and would/will disband and disappear.
How has this come about – I don’t know yet, was there any consultation (Councils love this) – Not as far as I am aware.
Am I on the case – You bet I am…. this is tantamount to Big Brother Bullying and I don’t like it one bit.
I have asked for ALL our Councillors to be advised of the e-mail trail I received earlier this afternoon. Maybe I will get some help and support.


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