Peterborough Main Post Office – Moving

Peterborough PO Move 01AAlthough there is a consultation process going on (Who, if anyone ever takes much notice) – regarding the proposed move of Peterborough’s Main Post Office on Church Street.
The powers that be – want it to go within WH Smiths store on Bridge Street.
Okay, maybe not many people use this Post Office, but certain things like International Driving Permits can not be done online or here in Whittlesey.
There is good disabled parking on Church Street close by the Post Office.
On their consultation document (Sorry about the picture quality) they state the nearest car parking is at PCC Haven Car Park with some limited parking at Wentworth Street.

The consultation ends 06th July.
It said that the ‘New’ facility will be run by WH Smith.
I understand that the move ‘could’ take place by 23rd September 2016

I vividly remember when Whittlesey Post Office moved from Market Square to what was Readwell News – I went to all 3 consultations, at the (1st) 12 people turned up, at the (2nd) 3 people turned up and guess what at the (3rd) Only ME – well blow fancy that – There is nothing new in my Community Activist campaigns – where was the rest of those who were and are still complaining…..!!!!! –

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