Results of the Sound Level Survey – Peterborough Road

I was requested to carry out a Sound Level Survey along Peterborough Road recently.
The survey is a ‘snapshot’ and not a fully conclusive test, however the results are probably good enough for general purposes.
The survey was carried out by myself (UKAS Engineer Cert) using a calibrated Sound Level Meter (SLA).
The survey was conducted over a period of 7 days at the same 5 locations along Peterborough Road from the corner of West End Stores to the Kings Dyke level crossing.
The times of the surveys was at 08:30, 12:00 and 16:30 daily.
The survey was conducted in accordance to UKAS, NPL (National Physics Laboratory) and the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) standards.
The survey was conducted from the roadside and not from within houses or buildings

At no time during the survey did the Sound Levels exceed the HSE criteria.
Only on 2 occasions did the Sound Level exceed (peak) above −85 db(A) for a relatively short period.
On extrapolation of variables and taking into account both ± 1:5 db(A) calibration factor and uncertainty factors, the snap shot results show that there are no issues with the Sound Levels exceeding those set down by the HSE for safety of human hearing.

Note: There is a distinct difference between Sound and Noise Levels, this survey dealt with Sound Levels.

If you think the Sound Level where you live maybe causing issues, I am more than happy to assist, I make no charges what-so-ever.

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