Fly-Tipping Issues-Concerns.

I’ll do my best, however as is known, I am no longer Chairman/Committee Member of Whittlesey Street Pride, a Prolific Litter-Picker only.

However there maybe other avenues to try.
If Fly-Tipping occurs on the Public Highway/Council Land or Property, then in our case Fenland District Council will remove it, there are many ways to report this.
1/ Via YOUR Councillor
2/ Via FDC’s Website
3/ Via FDC’s Phone Contact Centre 01354-654321

If Fly-Tipping occurs on Private land, then it is the responsibility of the Landowner to pay for or to remove it themselves.

Mortons AreaIn the case of Mortons Leam/West Delph and the Wash Area, some of this is owned by The Whittlesey Charities/and/or Whittlesey Wildfowlers and managed by the RSPB.
When Fly-Tipping has occurred here before, I/we ran into many ‘Brick-Walls, as to who was responsible for the land. There are regular Litterpicks in the area and Fly-Tipping has been removed in the past.

I will make further investigations…..
Last time there was 5 large barrels of ‘Blue Look What HappenedPowdery’ material, which took a 4×4 to extract out – and we had to give up in the end.

Look what happened to P.D. (Fun only)

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