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Catching up, I see the ‘usual’ negativity on our ‘local’ group, – fine everyones entitled to their views and opinions, but I’ve made it clear before about ‘hiding’ behind pseudonyms making sweeping statements….of course the negativity is not complaining….I am referring now to the Market Square and the recent events being held.
1/ The Busfest event was advertised on various media for well over a month prior to the event.
2/ Memories are very short again, lets look at my pictures of what we had in 2008

Digital image  Digital image
The George semi-derelict in 2008                  Post Office & Hinton & Hewitt for sale in 2008

160515-05 George 2012 130606-02
Todays major investments in ‘our’ Market Square’ Ok – maybe not an Italian Piazza but it needed very deep pockets by Wetherspoons and Mr Barry Hubb.
I remember the vicious comments being made at the time Wetherspoons came to town, several of these people, were the ‘first’ to visit the ‘new’ George’ and I know are still very regular customers.
As said, it may not be everyones choice – but what is the alternative…..and by the way, I wanted the Buses moved to Queen Street, but I was told this was not a practical solution.

©All pictures Roy Gerstner

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