Getting Our Priorities – Yes Everyone

So trending on social networking (Don’t I just love them?) Complaining about the state of our Grassed areas….. this is an annual thing! every year ‘we’ get the same….issues.
FDC have changed their contractors (In reality a name change) – You get what you pay for….we used to get 14 ‘Cuts Per year’ – then it went to 12 – then back to 14 and now I don’t know….FDC and the contractors ‘normally blame the weather….’unseasonably mild etc’…
I agree that ‘when they do – the job – it is not a very good job….

Apologies, I received the information below on Saturday 21st May, when I went to sign the petition myself this evening, I saw that it was closed on the 20th. However I believe the community should still be informed….If you go to (Horsey Toll Waste Plant) you will access a great deal of argument for refusing this application.
Remember it is a Peterborough decision.

Perhaps Whittlesey and Village residents should be much more concerned about the impending planning application for an ANAEROBIC DIGESTER Plant at Horsey Toll.
This is a Peterborough area, – Whittlesey Town Council are consultees only.
There are Pro’s and Con’s for these plants….but I and many believe that the Traffic Issues onto a main ‘A’ road will cause what is already a big issue.
I also believe that the applicants have under estimated the amount of vehicle movements that will be involved in keeping such a plant in operation.

Objection 01Objection 02
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