Thank You Gilly B

My HogThank you for your most recent posting, I respect your views.
My open invitation is for anyone to contact me with any concerns.

Like many sad things, the family of Hedgehogs in the field at the rear of me, have now disappeared, one got run over
Then we found another down the drain. During the campaign to relocate thousands of Hedgehogs a few years ago from the Outer Hebrides, I financially supported the group that were trying to ‘save’ them – alas I never heard what happened in the end.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Our Hogs and Hoglets, would go from garden to garden to see what was on the ‘menu’ – We would leave all our chicken left overs, they would chomp and munch for an hour or more.
Back and forth all night, they of course had competition from the local cat community.

By the way there is an extremely informative article on the BBC website about Ladybirds…… dated 5th March this year.



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