Why I don’t do StreetLife

I started this website/blog long before (Years) StreetLife© came into being.
I hope(d) it would be an informative, without being overly political platform.
My continuing stance as being ‘Independent’ from political party influence.
Not only (me) but at least 10 of your WTC councillors DO NOT take part in any form of debate on SL© – why – I have asked some of them and their answers are (like it or not).
That ‘some‘ of the ‘silly/childish’ comments they have no time to get involved in.
The few councillors that do post, make in general a very good case.
However as I have reported on many occasions, some quite nasty brutal exchanges have taken place, where no one came out a victor.
There are on SL© a number of ‘Trolls’, who enjoy winding people up on SL©,
SL along with other social media (That includes ‘Faceless Book’) do have a place in our modern world. Many high profile people have come off social media for the reasons above.
I pay for my website, (SL© is more or less unmoderated).

As I have said so many times before, please read ALL before making comments.
I am very open to Constructive criticism, open to debate and contactable (even when away).
I do not force people to come and look at my website, no more than I am forced to go to SL© – I question – NO Whittlesey Councillor keeps not only their own area/ward fully, updated with issues, concerns and information.
I am not a councillor but I DO try and keep people informed with facts as I and in some cases my friends and supporters find them.
This website regularly gets between 200 to 400 hits/views a days – Heh that’s not bad for
the regular underdog like myself.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past, present and future.
I/we are back to a cold Whittlesey this week.

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