Misquote by Gilly B on Street Life

“He claims never to have seen deer there and I quote “only a few ladybirds”!.
Am I the only person who feels that this gentleman has no idea of how precious any wildlife is.”

Like many/most on Street Life© people ‘hide’ anonymously behind pseudo names.
I do not.
Will the ‘lady’ who is very active on SL© please read the article fully and correctly, what I said was…

At NO time did I see any ‘wild’ animals or birds nests ‘vandalised’ there maybe have been a few ladybirds.
At NO time did I see any deer, although Muntjac  have been seen at various times – they do not live there permanently?

Off course there is a proliferation of wildlife in the area.
The article was about the ‘one time event held’

Will you please correct your article on SL© I would very much hope so, I am on the same side as yourself, we are all trying our very best.
Gillie B my contact details are readily available – you are more than welcome to contact me, talk to me, phone me or meet face to face to better our town and villages.
Please, please read fully first before condemning people like myself.
Yes I am accountable for what I do and say, and have done so for the last 30 odd years as a campaigner and activist.
Thank you – I look forward to hearing from you.

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