Good result on ‘Free Parking’

free-parkingAfter my earlier article, lobbying by several others, 2 speakers at this weeks WTC meeting, our very own councillors voted to reject imposing charges on FDC owned car parks.
Today I read John Clarke leader of FDC has decided not to try paid parking voted on at Fenland Hall.

As a recently retired councillor kept telling me on his view on parking charges, its only 20p, what he failed to say was it might be 20p this year, but would certainly be 50p, 75, £1:00 in years to come. Just look at Peterborough City Council car parking charges…
Like many government ‘tax’ it is stealth imposed charge, only ever going upwards.
Never fear, the car parking issue at Fenland, similar to the recycling centre closures last year at Cambs CC – will come back at sometime on the agenda…..
Think outside of the box to save money!!!

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