WTC Meeting 13th January 2016 – From our own correspondent.

Grosvenor-House-BWApologies for absence: Councillor Windle.

Police Matters.
There was no police officers present. Concerns were raised about reports of recent burglaries. The Police were congratulated for prosecution of fly-tippers.

Public Forum.
A gentleman (apologies, I could not hear his name) gave notice of the Clean For The Queen campaign and the day of cleaning action on Saturday 5th March. Volunteers welcome.
The event will be publicised in February.

Paul Gibson requested clarification of WTC’s stance on Free or Paid parking, the enquiry to the Snowfields development and the funding of Christmas lights.
(all these matters were addressed later.)

Steve Robertson spoke against the possible introduction of parking fees.

Reports from other meetings.
It was agreed with Hereward Community Rail Partnership that there’ll be a clean-up day at Whittlesea station on Friday 4th March. Volunteers will be welcomed. It is hoped that further progress will follow in making the station more attractive and safer in the near future.

Must Farm Archeological Project.
This internationally important project is not only highly impressive but should bring visitors to the area. An exhibition in Whittlesey centre looks unlikely because of the cost in preserving the 2000-year-old discoveries. It was noted that neither Cambridgeshire nor Fenland have contributed to costs whilst Peterborough has given generous support. Councillors agreed that a Lottery Grant should be sought to bring some of the articles for display in Whittlesey.

Environment Agency/Cambridgeshire Highways.
North Bank is currently designated as AT RISK and is still closed. Flood news will be updated via local media including on the internet.

The application from Cambridgeshire County Council to construct a bridge over the railway at Kings Dyke was enthusiastically Recommended for Approval.

The Council Tax contribution for Whittlesey Town Council will rise by 6.7%. This will mean a real increase of £4 per year on a Band D property.

Bus Survey.
It was regretfully announced that Stagecoach do not intend to improve nor extend services. Councillor Mason was praised for his efforts and he stated that he would try to contact other companies.

Showfields Update.
A draft letter to the Secretary of State was agreed and will be signed by Councillors Boden and Jolley.  The chairman cannot sign it given his position as Chair of Planning at FDC. The letter will be accompanied by a copy of “Whittlesey In Flood”.  The four-page letter includes information concerning the District Council’s disregard of certain drainage problems highlighted by consultants as well as the concerns about flooding and access problems.

Tour of Cambridge Cycle Race.
A survey of residents’ views on this forthcoming event has been drafted and will be issued to all households and on the internet.

Car Parking Fees.
It was agreed that WTC would oppose possible plans for paid parking.

There was a lengthy discussion on the years of events that have led to the current situation leaving Whittlesey without a supermarket.  It was unanimously agreed that individuals, councils and applicants need to learn from the mistakes made throughout the various applications. It was further agreed that WTC should seek an independent enquiry into all the proceedings including the mysterious rejection of the original in-town application.  The aims and content of such an enquiry are to be discussed at next month’s meeting.

End of report from our own correspondent.


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