I Just hate the term – Lessons must be learnt.

David William Donald Cameron a semi intelligent, Eton educated senior Politian and our Prime Minister, has used this terminology dozens of times, when things didn’t go right for some government department (Environment for example), one of his friends, or even the banking crisis.

Now guess what, our very own Whittlesey Town Council, are stating ‘Lessons need to be learnt’ – sorry it doesn’t wash with me. I am also guilty as was the ‘Independent councillor’ up to May 2015, and therefor hold my hands up, that I voted and agreed with the rest of the Conservative group, on the Supermarket and Showfields planning.
The present ‘new’ councillors can not be blamed as 99% happened before they were elected.

If – I am not mature enough, educated enough, or able to comprehend the issues in front of me, then I should not even consider to stand as a councillor.

Supermarket fiasco – what cost (£££) will an ‘Independent’ enquiry cost, I’ll tell you ‘a lot of dough’, how independent is independent – sometimes carried out ‘in house’ at FDC, or maybe from a neighbouring council.
If it goes completely outside (should it happen) then will WTC or FDC fund it!!!.

I just hate the term lessons must be learnt and I went to Sir Harry Smith secondary modern school – not Eton – I make no excuse for being a disconcerted/disillusioned conservative.

After respectfully accepting my being unelected I just wonder how many of the Street Lifers will be standing at the next elections, they have plenty to say now, but no alternative solutions, I rest my case.

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