Bruce Smith – Developer + Street Life! & More Thefts…..

I publish further correspondence from the developer of the Sainsbury/Country Park & Business Park. Bruce is a very upset person at this time as I am sure we would all be in his position.
He confided with me a few weeks ago – what this has cost him personally, in time, resources and a very substantial amount of money, to see that Sainsburys have pulled out.
However – some may say that is always a risk in business and I dare say ‘risk assessment had been done.
‘Some’ of the ‘usual suspects’ on Street Life© Blab on a load of rubbish, never have attended any of the 20+ meetings, and posting hearsay a lot of the time – that’s why, most councillors and ex councillors do not take part, it always ends up messy as with yet another brutal battle recently between David L (ex councillor) and ‘The Baldry’s. There are no winners.
See mail below – perhaps – just maybe, there is a very and I mean very small glimmer of hope. The question being financial!

Dear Friends,
I share  your disappointment , it is astonishing that a project that would have benefited the people of Whittlesey and surrounding villages for generations, to come should fail. It is a great pity that corporate profits have  overtaken any sense of morality. We have  to ask the question why did it fail ???? There are some that did not want this project to happen for their own personal greed or political position, they must be rubbing their hands now thinking that they have won, well let me tell them now I promised to deliver a Country Park a Business park and Store, this I will do, it will take just a little longer. The support from the majority of Whittlesey Town Council has been second to none

Keep the Country Park Banner coming soon flying,  just depends on ones definition of soon, maybe we  should say eventually.

We all put our money on a dead donkey, I now  have a racehorse up my sleeve.

 I am not giving up  , it will be a long time before a group of self centered devious individuals or a  bunch of corporate yuppies representing  a jumped up corner shop will dictate  the future of Whittlesey.
I continue to work towards delivering all that was promised, I thank you all for your support in the past, do not give up I am not, we soldier on.


Beware more thefts….
From PCSO Ian Moll.

FYI we continue to have thefts and burglaries (here and in Coates/Eastrea)  – plans are in place to catch the offenders – if you could ask NHW and the community to continue being vigilant.
Notice anything – Report It.




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