The ‘Thin Blue Line – is about to become even Thinner!!!!

Sgt Paul Harris        PCSO Sam Dyer    PCSO Ian Moll
Sgt Paul Harris     PCSO Sam Dyer  PCSO Ian Moll

So our Community & Neighbourhood Watch team in Whittlesey are loosing not only our
Pro-active Sergeant Paul Harris but also part-time Whittlesey PCSO Sam Dyer at the end of the month, Paul is being replaced by Sgt Ben Di Meo, and at present not sure about the PCSO replacement. Although as Chairman of Whittlesey NHW I do my best to promote our Neighbourhood Watch Team, we are but a ‘few’ again who try to look after our community and neighbours, like all groups we need more on board to help our police team when ever we can. Not a great amount of ‘work’ involved, just ears and eyes for your street and neighbours.

NHW 150819-01On a more anti-social issue, I see there is another ‘A’ board hoarding advertising their business on a ‘spot’ that Street Pride has a Gateway project. Considering it took us 6 months of getting permissions from various official bodies to place our ‘Street Furniture’ in place – Sponsored by some very generous local businesses, we started with (1) ugly hoarding, now have a (2nd) and I wonder if all Tom, Dick and Harry would like to advertise in this spot. It spoils the project totally…. I am on the case….

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