Bassenhally Elections – tomorrow 20th

Since the boundary changes earlier this year, which has altered many wards, Bassenhally now consists ‘mainly’ of the ‘Avenues’ and the ‘Birds Estates’, for us that are interested, I wonder ‘who’ has managed to motivate their ‘core’ electorate to ‘vote’.
This bi-election will again be ‘a party’ based affair, some have questioned me – why I did not make a stand, several reasons, some which have already been noted….
The elections in May, when the ‘majority’ of voters decided ‘who’ they wished elected.
The ‘political’ landscape has favoured those who are standing on a ‘Party’ platform.
I do not wish to be disrespectful to anyone on the way they wish to use ‘their’ vote – that’s what democracy is about.
I work with all individuals – for the best result for our town & villages and on a whole they work with me in return, naturally there are a ‘few’ who think, they are not too be ‘asked’, ‘questioned’ or to be held accountable – well that again is up to the electorate to decide when elections take place.
Lets wait for the ‘result’

’09:30 ‘ Just been informed by a resident on Eastrea Road, that they have had election leaflets from the Labour & Lib Dem candidates only – None from the Conservative candidate….’stange’…

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