Election argument vindicated…..

The result of yesterdays (2nd) election in the Bassenhally ward has been announced.
Firstly, congratulations to Cllr Martin Curtis on the convincing majority, the commiserations to the (2) other candidates:
M Curtis     308
C Gale            77
D Chapman  51

I make this a total of 436 votes cast, (if) as reported the election costs (To the Whittlesey ratepayer was £7,000) then this makes each vote costing £16:00 each.
Irrespective of who/what/why was at fault causing the election to be triggered, my whole argument as quoted in the Cambs Times© on several occasions has been well and truly vindicated, irrespective of the need for open democracy…. we had an election in May.
If any of the candidates had to have paid for this election a doubt very much if any would have stood.
£16:00 for each vote cast, is our money, £7,000 of Whittlesey rate payers money ‘could’ have been better spent….

Lets move on  – its history now…. – and as the Cameron Man says…. Lessons may have been learnt – but I doubt it!….

See Headline story @ www.cambstimes.co.uk/home (today 21st August 2015)

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