A week after the Showfields Fiasco….

I do not ‘normally’ believe in ‘Blame Culture’, but now the dust is beginning to settle a week after this application….. ‘StreetLife’© is full of various comments blaming all and sundry. Not having attended myself (At a funeral) is it somewhat difficult to get a ‘complete’ picture of ‘what’ actually happened at this meeting. The ‘Fiasco’ comes about with the ‘fact’ that this is not the first time that a FDC planning committee have voted on something, only to change it after ‘Officers advice’ Cllr Mrs Mayor who held her stance to vote against the application and according to reports the rest of the ‘against’ committee members could not come up with a ‘reasonable’ planning rule to substantiate their refusal – surely if they were minded this way they would have done their ‘planning’ research…beforehand on such an important application. SteetLife© is full of comments, but the commentators in general forget that the original application at appeal failed on Flood Risk. Somehow Mr Rose/Showfields have managed along with the EA report (whether accurate or not) to persuade FDC Planning Officers to accept/recommend the application. The rest of the objections would not carry much weight as they had been accepted at the previous application. The ‘Drone’ evidence as I am aware was more or less a waste of Whittlesey rate payers money (£750.00) as when the ‘evidence’ was shot – Half of Alderman Jacobs school were somewhere else – so it did not show the potential for road/traffic issues….another lemon. Now we have Capt Curtis on SL© giving his ‘expert’ advice – MC is well trained in planning matters, why then was this ‘expert’ advice not sort after before the planning meeting. Why wasn’t MC at the planning meeting – to give his expert weight. MC has given evidence at previous controversial planning meetings, and for what ever reasons – not much notice was taken then –

On my own expertise I  quote a favourite of mine from Oscar Wilde –
The Importance of being Earnest’ ” I know nothing“, (John Worthing to Lady Bracknell).


You have a democratically elected council/councillors lobby them that’s what they are there for……

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