All’s quiet – or is it…..

 Had to pay my respects to a couple of long standing seafarers who have gone to the ‘Davy Jones Locker!. So on returning, some good things been happening and some not so good.

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Windmill St 01aSP 150720-01BLets start with the good things, last week saw the judging of ‘In Bloom’ and our Whittlesey Group have worked so very hard on their projects. Our own Street Pride Group, also gave it a little more than average attention to the areas the judges were passing. There have been many people involved in really tidying up areas in and around our town and they deserve a big thank you for ALL the work they have done. Lets hope that Whittlesey-In-Bloom get a good result.

NHW 150720-01ANow the not so good news…. It’s a good job that the In Bloom Judges didn’t go on the Tow-Path side of the Bower, which is becoming quite a mess and in places now difficult to pass because of overgrowth.
I saw 2 men (Resting -horizontal) in their Mid-Level boats (It was lunchtime) dredging the weeds from the river.
I went back today and really couldn’t tell the difference.

NHW 150720-02AThe path used to be fairly regularly maintained by the ‘Community Payback Team’ who I always give great credit too. However since one of the ‘miscreants’ was bitten by a ‘lesser spotted something or another’ they not longer take this area on – what a pity.
It has now been brought to your Town Council attention at the last meeting (08th July) and they are looking at a ‘tender’ to do the job, I’ve heard no more.
A little more of the Cycle Route….
Triangular signs are ‘Warning Signs’ – The gate has a chain around it but there is no lock.

NHW Green Wheel 01A  NHW Green Wheel 02A

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