Serious safety concerns on the ‘Millennium/Green Wheel Cycle Route’


My correspondent has shown me all documentation.
The ‘illegal’ marina on the Nene besides the Millennium Bridge is causing serious concerns.
There are now 9+ ‘boats’ moored at this site.
The owner of the Land/Site is a Mr Stephen Foreman of Whittlesey, he purchased the land in 2004 . He is running a commercial operation.

Enquiries to FDC Planning states the following:

‘I can confirm that there is no planning history for the site, however looking at aerial photos in 1997 there are signs of moorings taking place at the location and also in 2003, 2007 and 2011. In planning enforcement there are time restrictions 10 and 4 year rule. For a change of use 10 years rule applies and development the 4 year rule applies.
I am of the opinion that there has been a continuous use of mooring at the site for over 10 years and the development eg platforms is also over the 4 year ruling and therefore we are time barred to take any formal enforcement action in order to regularise the change in use and development.’
(Q) Why wasn’t the Councillors in 2003, 2004 and 2011 on the case – they ‘Must’ have known about the ‘development’.
The ‘Police’, FDC, at least one Whittlesey/FDC Councillor, Cambs CC and various others are now ‘involved’ – my correspondent is getting no-where…..Political correctness again maybe.
The vehicles driving vehicles along the Green Wheel Cycle route to gain access to their moorings are doing so ‘illegally’ this is an offical Cycle Route – and other than for access to emergency services, it should not be used by any other motorised vehicles.
(Q) The Police are the authority that should be doing more, I understand that our PSCO’s have been, monitoring and had words of so-called ‘advise’. (A PCSO in Cambridgeshire can not ticket a moving vehicle) – It is my understanding that these vehicles,  should not be on the cycle route and that complaints they are travelling at speed.
On more than one occasion when my correspondent(s) have been on the cycle route they have been aggressively accosted by the vehicles and owners.
They claim they have ‘permission from the land-owner Mr Foreman. No record from Hanson (The adjacent land-owner) or any official body has given for the said permission.
There are serious conflicts of interest – namely the Cyclists, Walkers, and the Boat owners at the somewhat ‘marina’.
The last I hear is ‘someone’ is ‘trying’ to arrange a meeting….
(Q) With whom and why……If it is ‘Illegal’ to drive on the cycleway/route – end of meeting.
(Q) Are we/the cyclists waiting for someone to be seriously injured or worse! – and I would ‘think’ ones ‘insurance is null and void if you vehicle is in contravention of the road traffic act…..
(Q) The ‘other’ access is via ‘Funthams Lane’ – this is a Bridleway – again vehicles should not be using it….further issues….
The case just gets worse and worse and it ‘appears’ – No-one is prepared to take action.
Whilst this inaction is going on I understand – the cycleway surface is being damaged due to these vehicles using it.

There maybe more to come – my correspondent has been in contact with MP Steve Barclay and if he receives no action will instigate Mr Barclays support and advice.

Now if Mr Foreman has a different version – I am more than prepared to publish his side, providing the documentation is shown to me.

Cycle Route 05B Cycle Route 04B Cycle Route 03B Cycle Route 02B
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