Will I do a ‘Paddy’ – Eat My Hat!

Of course one of the biggest ‘gaffs’ in the General Election was Paddy Ashdown promising to eat his hat if the one prediction of the Lib Dems being all but finished in the pre-election polls ….I didn’t see him eat his hat….
Now it is very well known I do not make promises…unlike most politicians (I am not a politician)…however perhaps the brave Colin Gale and the labour supporters behind him, calling for the bi-election (well publicised story re Martin Curtis).
In the May election Martin Curtis collected 718 votes (The most of all the candidates standing), Colin Gale got a very respectable 357 votes (He was 52 short of the 3rd placed conservative winner). So unless there is a massif swing (or anti-Curtis swing) Colin and his supporters have a lot of work and ground to make up.
Colin did no leaflet drop in the May election, instead placed a large advert in the Cambs Times©.
If no other candidates come forward and it is a straight 2 horse race – well who knows what may happen – we all wait and wait.

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