Election – Election…..

So, according to the Cambs Times© Mr Kent of Teal Road, has written a letter to FDC along with the required numbers to call for an election (again) for the Bassenhally Whittlesey Town Council seat, now vacant.
So be it then, I hope that Mr Kent (maybe himself) or another ‘serious’ candidate will put themselves forward. As I have stated – it is costing us (The Whittlesey ratepayer) to fund this election. Just because Martin Curtis has made a ‘mistake’, it will take and I mean a ‘serious’ and committed candidate to take on M. Curtis.
In By-elections, in this case the conservative group will pull out all stops to get their candidate elected (re-elected), as would any other party.
They can put a lot of ‘people’ and resources into the campaign, to help the candidate, they know where the core voter is.
That said, like all politicians, we can all be beaten, and at some stage the all mighty M. Curtis may one day find this out himself, however I would be very surprised if this happens, firstly of course Martin has to be re-selected by his own conservative group.
The election ‘if’ contested is due 20th August….never a dull moment!

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