Youth Club – Meeting…

Youth Club Meeting 07-07-15 - 02ATonights very well advertised meeting at Scaldgate, was very poorly attended…..NO Parents and NO Youths….In all 10 people came along to exchange idea’s on how the future of Youth Services/Club could be promoted within our town.
Councillors Butcher, Windle and Dorling attended, Paul Cornell (Rotary Club) Rob Windle, Liz from KidsZone, myself and 3 representatives from Cambs/FDC also there, making a total of 10, of which only 3 of use were members of the public – Not a Good turn out at all. It looks very likely that unless there is a bit more enthusiasm from Parents and Public in general, that we shall not as Town be able to support a fully functional Youth Club again.
Another issue is always to due to ‘funding’ or lack off…..Cllr Julie Windle has agreed to put another article in Discovering Whittlesea – to keep the ‘door’ open as such, we will wait and see if there is any response.
(Missing from photo Robert Windle who had to leave for other business, myself who took the photo)

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