Question – Who called an election!

Being a big promoter of democracy, am still wondering why ask for another election to be held…..Cambs Times© breaks a story about my views on the reasoning/argument about who/why Martin Curtis was disqualified.
I don’t particularly like rumours, but there is a real smelly going about that Martin has been ‘stitched up’ – really by whom!!! can I have 3 guesses !!!
In the article Martin makes excuses, maybe if he turned up more regularly for council meetings he would be more aware of what is going on, rather than rely on media social networking. He has been a councillor for long enough to have known the rules – don’t blame others ….. (The stitch up theory may well come to light).
So we have been told that 10 ‘people’ have registered for an election to be held – so we now have to go through the due democratic process to see all is fair and square.
Just because 10 have asked for an election, does not actually mean there will be an election.
How – well potential candidates will need to put their papers in….Asked David Chapman(Lib Dem) this evening whether he is standing! – Not decided as yet – lets see who else there maybe.
Martin Curtis has to go through a selection process (again) in, order to stand – are there any other dynamic conservatives who would put up against the mighty M. Curtis – another wait and see…..
Watch this space….

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