What Time does….

New Play Ground 01The ‘new’ play area in the Manor Field is well advanced and ‘everyone’ is looking forward to the ‘new’ facilities. However….. Not that long ago having a Mobile Phone mast near anything remotely public was a very very hot topic. I worked with Professor Stewart on a Government report into Mobile Phone Signals/Masts and his conclusions were somewhat ‘open’ and could prove very little in terms of radiation damage. During that period protests were the norm should a Mobile Phone mast come anywhere near a house, school or the public, then ‘someone’ realised this was a big money spinner (Around £5K for a mast) and very, very quietly all the ‘issues’ seemed to have disappeared.
On the Manor Field area, I would give my professional opinion, that being under or very near under the mast is probably the safest area to actually be…..so there is a history lesson for today.

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