Get a Life – and I don’t mean ‘StreetLife’

SP 150601-01I can assure you that ‘most’ councillors and some ex councillors ‘view’ the posts on Whittlesey Street Life, but I am sorry to say, ‘some’ people, whinging continuously about very little indeed. I have met on a number of occasions some of the Street Lifers, who have openly admitted that they ‘enjoy’ winding and whinging’.
I am also pleased that there are a ‘few’ on Street Life, who are much more positive of our area.
I’ll give you a small example…. Our Street Cleaner Peter (Lilly) Savage, deserves a big thank you, he goes way and beyond his job remit. Only on Monday I witnessed him sweeping and digging all the weeds from under the benches and other street furniture around the Market Square – and no he wasn’t doing this because of some competition or the cycle race coming by this Sunday. I and many other ‘Always’ know when he is in town as it is always kept in a good state of cleanliness…. Remember HE does not make the Rubbish – people make the Rubbish and there is plenty of it.
Of course our Street Pride Group has done a fantastic job over the past 8+ years, I and they go our several times a week as well as our usual fortnightly organised events.
Stop whinging and wining – Help, Get out, Do something, Get involved, Make a positive difference. I can assure you – we live in one of the cleanest – safest places in Cambridgeshire. Not Litter Free or Crime Free – many people have come to the area because of these reasons.

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