Whittlesea Railway Station

I now see on Streetlife®, the ‘issues’ of the Railway Station has reared up, unfortunately ‘most’ of SL correspondents do not or do not wish to know some history behind these on-going issues, this could fill many pages, but I’ll be brief.
There are many meeting between various councillors the most senior being Cllr Ralph Butcher (contact him to find the most recent news) and various interested parties one being Network Rail (don’t hold your breath) there are ‘some’ ambitious plans – whether they ever see daylight remains to be seen.
It is very ‘kind’ of the SL people to mention Street Pride, in regards to the Station, however as you know I love giving ‘FACTS’.
Whittlesea Street Pride have carried out many ‘Litter picking/Rubbish’ clear-ups in/around the Station area. We regularly (about every 6 weeks carry out an event in the whole area)
I personally Litter pick nearly every week…. the Station area (When I am here!)
SP 110708-01AWe carried out a MAJOR clear-up campaign in 2011 (yes a long while ago) over 3 days we and others including Network Rail, removed 6 TONS of bracken and rubbish, we hardly made an impression on the place. ‘We’ were promised that ‘they’ would organise an event every 3 months to try and get on top of things….Sorry it never happened and we were not contacted ever again.
Over the last 2+ years various bodies (including Whittlesey Town Council) have tried ‘unsuccessfully’ to get a group ‘Friends of Whittlesea Station’ off the ground – alas – We at Street Pride said we would support a stand alone group, help in any way and have had a ‘liaison management committee member’ waiting for over 2+ years for some ‘friends’ to join him – Alas – NO Friends.
So we are back at square one – many people making suggestions, but they themselves not prepared to get involved in any way – sorry – that just about sums up – some of the Street Life’ bloggers…. you are more than welcome to contact me about this and I can tell you ‘some’ of the history – but as I said – Cllr Mr Butcher is your elected representative – he knows more than I do…..

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