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FENLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL: Please sign to urge Fenland District Council to approve planning consent for Sainsbury’s Whittlesey, by Tuesday 30th June 2015.

Above is being circulated on various media, if you feel strongly enough to support and help to ‘try’ and get the ‘final’ stages completed then please follow the above link.

2/ Apologies for No recent News, sometimes I go away…and ‘real’ news is somewhat spartan. However I and a couple of other members of the public (myself being now public) attended last Wednesdays Whittlesey Town Council meeting. As most of the area should know by now, Bruce Smith the developer for the site on Eastrea Road, gave an e-mail to the ‘New council’ (below last post).
I have had communication from one of the ‘other’ members of the public present and publish in part what he said to me…. I am not the only person who wonders why bother to have a council meeting when ‘most’ decisions are made beforehand….The electorate decided in the election who they wanted and now they have got what exactly that…

“Community Activist”.
I love it!

Very interesting meeting last night, with some controversial points.
The Sainsbury debacle continues, it’s about time pressure was put on FDC Planning to get their fingers out.
The North Bank speed limit will create a flurry of comments on Streetlife.
As you probably gathered, I am gobsmacked that a councillor can sit at the meeting and admit that he hasn’t looked at a planning application in his ward.
I was also amazed that all the appointments had been decided beforehand.
When and where would this all have taken place?

2New Council2015 - 01 2New Council2015 - 02
Cllr Ralph Butcher in ‘Deep thought’                   First to attend an empty room to get best seat?
Congratulations to Cllr Alex Miscandlon
on becoming the ‘New Mayor’ from
Cllr David Mason.

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