FDC – An insult to ‘common sense’ !!!!

An article in the Cambs Times© this week, quoted FDC officers and councillors ‘debating’ whether ‘Dog Poo’ which is left by the irresponsible dog owners should be – yes – did I read it correctly ‘Posted back’ to the dog owner.
I have to say, even though apparently it has worked in some far off place….. There is NO chance of this happening here…. Where are the resources coming from! – Where is the money coming from! (All we hear is how efficient the Council has become) and lastly, I ask how many prosecutions have we seen by our ‘elite’ Street Scene Officers….for doggie offences Not many if any! – like Littering, Like Fly tipping, Like well !!!!

The law is complex and one must be ‘very’ familiar with ‘PACE’, I doubt very much if our officials/street scene officers have enough training…. I maybe wrong – I therefor ask them to prove it!.
The only thing worth recycling was the photos of Cllr Murphy and gang, which has been used that many times I can not remember.
I and many of the other Street Priders have cleared up ‘vast’ amounts of Dog Poo’ and bags that have been left as I said by ‘irresponsible dog owners’
I like dogs…. its not the dogs fault…..!!!!

I have the perfect signage for FDC – to use somewhere !!!!!
Some States in the U.S.A – are not quiet so politically correct as we are made too be….
Dog Poo Sign 2

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