Negative Feedback (-ve)

Negative Feedback (Not the electronic term!)

Here we go – the Bus Station move, I have written many times on this subject…..
Yes – when the idea (Cllr Mr Curtis & Cllr Mr Swan) was first brought to Whittlesey Town Council, I was very sceptical about the idea…(reasons to open up the Market Square and give the area an ‘Italian Piazza feel) (In the middle of winter!).
Like I have said, it was very well put out into the public domain, only (2) letters and No one came to a council meetings to put across their case of objections.
I asked for the planned Bus stop along Market St to be withdrawn – Road Safety and the one adjacent to the Buttercross again on Road Safety grounds. I also asked for a proper pedestrian crossing, this did not come about due to lack or funding.

I’ll give another example!!! of how something else similar came about….
When Whittlesey Post Office was on the Market Square was to be moved, there were 3 meetings/consultations….
At the first meeting around 10 people turned up.
At the second meeting around 5 people turned up
At the third meeting 1 person turned up – Me

I went to all three meetings……
When eventually the ‘Post Office’ moved to High Causeway, the day of opening there were almost ‘riots’ – the line of people waiting to enter was over 70, and this carried on for the first few days, the ‘Shop’ then re-arranged the inside and gradually things got better.
I went each day, (I was not a councillor at that time) and listened to the moaners and groaners…and asked ….where were you when then consultations took place, I got the same answer as we get now….I knew nothing about it!

We await with optimism …whether the ‘New Market Place’ will be a success or will it be a place for vandalism and littering…you and I will find out.

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