Are Fenland District Council/Councillors – ?

The answer is ?

A recent e-mail from our Mayor David Mason, set out a multitude list of questions that had been put together (by whom I do not know) the list went forever.
‘I’ was under the impression that this document had been discussed by the rest of the Councillors. I sent an e-mail thanking those who put this document together and asked DM if the contents were ‘confidential’ or for public knowledge. I have as yet not received a reply. ( I am not disclosing the actual contents, only the subject)
A number of questions submitted were/are not FDC’s remit…..

However a number of WTC/FDC Councillors were not ‘Happy’ with its contents, and wished to be ‘disassociated’ from its contents – and gave their reasons!
For some considerable time, both the Chief Executive Paul Medd and the leader of FDC John Clarke have been ‘unavailable’ to attend any meetings that David Mason has been trying to arrange.
So now we go back to accountability – The Councillors who ‘objected’ I agree put their reasons – however it seems very much like pre-election jitters to me.
Any negatives what-so-ever and they will have a go….. at someone –  probably at me now –
Individually most WTC/FDC Councillors as I have said before have worked ‘very’ hard and passionately for our town, some have not! and remember ‘they’ might well fall out about various things pretty regularly, but when it comes to election they’ll stick together as all political groups do. I have a great deal of respect for Whittlesey Town Council, we have delivered some fantastic projects over the past 4 years.

I’ll say again – national politics are for the country, local elections should not be politicised – (overly influenced by politics).
That’s why I like to be ‘Independent’

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