Showfields Planning Again -:


Last post on this subject was Nov 19th 2014….

Yes I admit it! – Got it wrong…..ALL of Whittlesey Town Councillors fought and backed the residents of Whittlesey in refusing on good grounds the controversial planning application for the Showfields site.
Showfields lost on the appeal.
I thought (wrongly) that Mr. Rose (residing somewhere near Oundle and a Town Councillor) would have got the message loud and clear.
No he and his family are re-applying again.
Now until I see the detailed plans it would be wrong of me or any other Councillor to be pre-judgemental.
But just by cutting the number of houses by 29 doesn’t seem to me to be a great deal?
Before ‘anyone’ considers buying a house in that area check the insurance rates.
I live on the opposite side of the town, (above sea-level) and all the quotes I got last year had gone up significantly….the question on the form being –
1/ How far from a river, drain, or water course do you live.
2/ How far away do you live from a flood plane?
My house insurance went up 33% and yes I did the shop around….

It looks very much like ‘Who’ has the deepest pockets with this application, the land in question with planning permission I would imagine to be worth a substantial amount of money….

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