Conservative Power

Lots of so called ‘none news’ emitting from the Cambs Times about the so called power struggle with leader Cllr Melton. I doubt if much will come of it, as there are several camps, but when it comes to push and shove, ‘they’ will stick it out. The last so called ‘no confidence’ fizzed out within a few days and never came to a vote.
Of course there is conference time at present with all the main parties making all sorts of ‘promises’ as usual…..all vote catching in a build up to the next election.
They can’t keep promises made before the last election – so why should we believe this latest load of !!!!
15th September saw our local conservatives having to declare whether they intend to stand at the next local elections….. Doesn’t bother me too much, I am all in favour of local democracy and am pleased to note there are one or two areas that will be slogged out between a sitting councillor and a would be pretender….!!
We know that in general Whittlesey has a very strong conservative following, nothing wrong with that….but maybe at some stage a young local charismatic pretender with a bit of local knowledge will come along and knock someone of their perch…..and I am too old and not charismatic enough so I am told !….Bah

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